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IRCA is a family based enterprise which has been producing food stuffs ever since 1919 and produces a very wide range of items designed for bakery and pastry production. 
Its primary concern has been to provide a high quality product and an accurate and exclusive logistics system. 


JOYGELATO is dedicated to restaurateurs and professionals in the world of chocolate, pastry, bakery and ice-cream who want to improve their techniques and deepen their knowledge about the latest market trends.


Bravo is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry and chocolate. 

Ever since its foundation in 1967, Bravo’s history has been built upon innovative products and successful ideas:


Bravo introduced to the world the philosophy of Trittico®, the multi-purpose machine that since 1974 has evolved into its current sixth generation edition.


UNOX: "Contributing to the quality, efficiency and simplification of our customers' cooking processes": this is the mission of Unox. With technology that is not an end in itself. It is an invention to serve simplification. Simplification that serves your business.


IFI:In 2011, IFI invented the first hermetic closure system for traditional display cases (HCS), and invented the anti-rotation system for tubs. In 2014, IFI won the Oscar of design, the Compasso d’Oro, thanks to Bellevue with Panorama technology (design Marc Sadler + IFI R&D) a brand new synthesis of two pillars of artisan gelato parlours that have always been the opposite of each other: perfect gelato storage in pozzetto counters and visibility of flavours in display cases.

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